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One of the first "Opposites" attempted by our online group...followed by a BRAND NEW one!!

FRONT: for virtual Dadaists & Surrealists
NEXT: group of Opposites
NEXT: group of Opposites
NEXT: group of Opposites


These works were created online using instant messaging. The process
is similar to the game "Telephone" in that each person receives
information from only one other person and passes his/her version on
to the next person. In this game, however, the participants attempt to
pass along the opposite of what they receive. The end product is very
often quite amusing when compared with the original, as individuals
can create opposite meanings literally or figuratively.

The work on this page began with RudeJabsco sending the first line
"the chicken crossed the road" to Iangstl, who sent the next line to
Eardrumbuz, who sent the next line to Stocker4, who typed the last
line and sent it back to RudeJabsco. Next, each participant entered
his/her line in the chat room, following the original order, and the
poem was created.

Do not attempt this at home without safety goggles and proper ventilation!

The Chicken


  the chicken crossed the road
	 the brave one stayed his spot 
	    the cowardly group removed her clean area
	        a brave man received a penis implant

Participants: RudeJabsco, I angst l, Eardrumbuz, Stocker4

...and this one is so new it doesn't have a title...created 12/26/01!

	          Watching the canyons pass below.
	      Ignoring a mountain still above
	 Listening intently to a pothole never leaving the bottom.
	   Glancing to find the roots

Participants: SunChaser30, Percivalparker, Silhouetted Wolf, Compwout