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Was referred to as "a poem" even though it had been titled when created, Aug 4 1998

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---cluttered shade hop mermaid---

The participants names were left in front of their respective lines to demonstrate the flow of the live collaboration. The only thing determined before the writing began was the order in which the participants would enter their lines. It was also agreed that any participant typing "end" would signal the end of the poem. Each of the four participants gave one word to the title "cluttered shade hop mermaid" just prior to the creation of the work. This is the poem:

ScientfiK1: My slaughterhouse grin easily defies the merciful shadow imperfections and the vincible wall

I big b l: pulling the blinds chopping the light,

I angst l: always under a sea of caps and cans tin bits or murder she is

Eardrumbuz: vibrating like flies caught in silk

ScientfiK1: canvassing actors who's supersonic's demanded they were there

I big b l: where is that tail of mine

I angst l: cadence in a thousand washes flush through the shades of all

Eardrumbuz: the polish is worn, oxidation test

ScientfiK1: I, as inconspicuous as the VCR replaying lives of reluctant back to school shoppers

I big b l: washing my thoughts into wine

I angst l: her fin reflects his tumor grown limp in times of mercy

Eardrumbuz: no light through it, stabbing like clouds strata

ScientfiK1: end