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The poem on this page was created in a flash of frenzy, on 9/3/98

BACK: to git those other socks outta the dryer!
DADA: trudge DADA

Six of us working in the chat room this particular night. The room suddenly ignited, and this is what was burned...

 	Title:       My crab grass is giving me fits!

 	   we have a good number of people
 	before that, there were little parasites
  	 along the grass of nobler hearts
 	delicious fits
  	 shudder to be under the glass of her eye
 	milky things didn't spoil it
one the day i meet crab grass it was hot but i didn't care
  	 runs amok amok amok amok amok I say
 	we rode our riders till dusk
   	 the soft seeds carried away
i tried to hard not to piss him off
  	 crustacian for a holiday of seizures
 	high on the wire, the crustaceans played fiddles
 	triangular spotting
  	 titta titta titta titta titta tat
 	huge clusters
but like everyone said he was an ass
 	raining from nothingness
 	muddy and then dry
so he smacked me but i liked it
not liked loved
  	 a turn up and wonder nose of gardens and greens
 	pulling, pulling
 	fist fits


Stocker4: baton
Dou2me: tempo
Eardrumbuz: strings
I angst l: percussion
BlueBlouse: coda
HyperBoxxx: bridge