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DROOL was one of the first pieces of group automatic writing created in our AOL chatroom.

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One thin strand dangling


harumph harumph

<<mucus slither mechanically>> twasn't likeable

evermore not

Hey! Hands of my wits! Hands off! just nearly coughed up candy called me

out to rollerblade

Blackened by soot, he felt it turn told tale nightly

<<extracting hairball>> kneeling beside the dampened floor tile


comfort er and im UR

Stop the bird adjusted their knots coiled in recoil

<<building fires and constructing nets>> grab the woodcutter

between the two it still soaked

<<wash>> <<chop>>

hard and harder

>>redirect<< laughing stood outside <<burning paper crackles>>

moisten spit Marlboro blows... jump in it just for the taste of it...

help elp


when heated to a liquid

elp j

toes will crackle

when heated to a liquid elp j

____________________________________ ________________ ________________

yelping drool not spit

when heated to a liquid elp j toes will crackle Pa

Avogadro's mistress her number?

still roomy enough for two in a phone box to the power of ten hasnt any beans though

liking the back of it <<gurgle>>

"Share me with Ben Franklin" can it be done?

mmm put it there thought it might not have


can it be done ?


mmm right now


can it be done ?


capability is gathering...


_____________________________ end

can it be done ?


Resystnz79: transient random bursts

Eardrumbuz: concrete & soot

Angstful: bilge pump

Pazuzu99: viscosity