Most likely the first time we had 3 participants create a poem together, 1/21/98

I've had a taste: Now gimme more dada!

This may have been our very first attempt at automatic writing online (3 or more people)

          Hard Mood Squeaks

	That's hard
	set a mood
	cabbage squeaks


	ordinary slacks
	ramble mustard
	seeds, nuts
	busy eaters
	cotton my twill
	cloths priest
	helping thwarters
	too few saw it
	  like when 2 people play it
	Hooray then
	it's better

Participants: GiftDark, Eardrumbuz, Angstful

The following poem was done the same night

We apparantly decided to take turns entering lines for this poem. I've
left the names in front of each line, not only demonstrating the flow
of the writing, but the flaw when one line is entered out of turn.
The result is a somewhat humorous ending.

Feathers Between Cats

GiftDark:	stale bread
Angstful:	crumble tee shirt
Eardrumbuz:	hasten losing
GiftDark:	winning  prizes
Angstful:	tighter still
Eardrumbuz:	not staying
GiftDark:	coming nearer
Angstful:	wrapping feathers
Eardrumbuz:	guided between
GiftDark:	two cats
Angstful:	harbors loosely
Eardrumbuz:	northern slumber
GiftDark:	soft lights
Angstful:	catching my fancy
Eardrumbuz:	unless noted
GiftDark:	will under
Angstful:	rather still
Eardrumbuz:	not nearly plenty
GiftDark:	of rats
Angstful:	half a days coming
Eardrumbuz:	gone behind
GiftDark:	the dumpster
Angstful:	horse be gone
Eardrumbuz:	and opening others
GiftDark:	houses  closed
Angstful:	two and five are plenty
Eardrumbuz:	weakened trust
GiftDark:	depleted stores
Angstful:	make not want
Eardrumbuz:	amnesia knowing
GiftDark:	sensing feelings
Angstful:	too completely frozen
Eardrumbuz:	numbering paintings
GiftDark:	wax roses
Angstful:	coloring a book
Eardrumbuz:	smell thoughts
GiftDark:	scent of night
Angstful:	hardly caring
Eardrumbuz:	taste the blanket
GiftDark:	writhe in heat
Angstful:	pulling me under
Eardrumbuz:	wet vented
GiftDark:	cold water
Angstful:	heart not heat
Eardrumbuz:	poisoned meat
GiftDark:	stale fishes
Angstful:	morrows no sorrow
Eardrumbuz:	usually tighter
GiftDark:	now laxed
Angstful:	fill me so nothing
Eardrumbuz:	and forthcoming
GiftDark:	into depth
Angstful:	under lunas reign
Eardrumbuz:	deep hills
GiftDark:	cold grasses
Angstful:	furrowed slumber
Eardrumbuz:	mine is forgotten
GiftDark:	lost under
Angstful:	till the tenth of sometime
Eardrumbuz:	welted and flustered
GiftDark:	but stronger than most
Angstful:	most of all alone
Eardrumbuz:	neat pins
GiftDark:	transfix me
Eardrumbuz:	ten times
Angstful:	snap and prick
Eardrumbuz:	ten times
GiftDark:	lol
Angstful:	slap and hit
Eardrumbuz:	good ending
GiftDark:	run away
Eardrumbuz:	heheh
Angstful:	yeehaa
GiftDark:	that was neat

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