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Automatic writing, created 8/24/98

Tra da da: dudge tata

This reads as much like 3 intertwined poems as it does like 1 group poem...3 voices speaking in unison


	leaning towards the light
	arms raised to mother
	foot raised at dad
"tie my shoelace"
	Go with it
	there's danger in the foot
	there's feeling in its touch
	Start it
	tender prey
	undone my eart	h
	the earth is my heart
	fear hesitates
	Bewildered yet amazed,
	fear rides
	pauses at the crest
	yet somewhat undenied
	I am myself
	cold and smooth
	I cry out in being
	arms raised to mother
	I quench whatever feeling
    I WANT
	or can remember
	I craze
	for this
	and hunger
	but still
	I am alone
	and quiet days can rise
	I must remember this
	the thought of losing today
	this feeling at my side
	we stood together
	Will stay with me
	in eachothers capture
	at my side

Participants: Eardrumbuz, KrisGibb84, LiteNite52