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The four poems on this page were created 8/20/98

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Numku- These four poems follow the 5-7-5 syllabic style of Haiku, the style familiar to most English speaking people.

The participants names were left in front of their respective lines.
These poems were written "blind" in that none of the participants could see what the others were writing.
The three writers of each poem would base their lines upon the title given by the fourth writer.
The person whose name is missing was responsible for the title.
The order rotated with each Numku (poem), giving each participant a turn at titling and writing one of the three lines.
Once the title was given by the first participant, each of the remaining three would construct their lines without any knowledge of what the other two were doing.
The order of rotation was predetermined, so each participant knew how many syllables to write, and when to enter his/her line.
The three lines were completed secretly and then entered in quick succession.

___ locked in destiny's bowels >>

Stocker4:	through twisted landscapes
Eardrumbuz:	cavernous reaches shadow
I big b l:	do not squat too low

____the rich man rows__________

Eardrumbuz:	blankets withdrawn fast
I big b l:	oars sweep through coins with two heads
I angst l:	idol afterthought.. ... ... .... .... 

---To The Sleepy City---

I big b l:	touch the z of dreams
I angst l:	contents on a grim visage
Stocker4:	and I swept it up

---the tight rope breaks---

I angst l:	I gander east coast
Stocker4:	when the wind whisps through my hair
Eardrumbuz:	a glass half empty