The opposites proved to be some of my favorite writing projects. Here are some...

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       I await your cookies with a heavy heart
    You leave my crackers with a light hand
Everyone else removes someone else's inedible fluid without lead feet.
	I alone serves no one's cake unless there is guilded wings 
	  We together master everyone's meat when it is a lonely heart! 

Participants: Dou2me, BlueBlouse, Eardrumbuz, Stocker4, I angst l


	these views have been updated.
	 the brick wall will be torn down 
	the wooden gate will never fall
	no plastic wall has ever withstood time

Participants: WireI2XU, Stocker4, I angst l, Eardrumbuz

	Where is the other end of the moose? 
	Here is the same start of the squirrel! 
	Away went another large carnivore's ass!
	come hither headstrong verbivore!

Participants: Stocker4, I angst l, Eardrumbuz, WireI2XU

This was intended as one 4 line poem, but reads better as two 2 line poems:

	 HARK, we have stumbled into satans cove again! 
	I don't know about you, but my feet are firmly planted in The Garden of Eden.

	So are mine. But they're getting itchy . . .
	They are your's but they feel so good

Participants: I angst l, Eardrumbuz, Modmouse9, Stocker4

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