Opposite Same Opposite

same: Show me more of the same!


	Throw away the thoughts of yesterday
	Keepsakes, the concrete of the future.
	donations, the water of the past 
	Indulgences, bone-parched present
	Starvation, blackened past

Participants: I big b l, Eardrumbuz, Stocker4, BlueBlouse, I angst l


and sometimes we thought too much alike!...

	the wash is done and ready to be hung.
	an unfinished fresco is unsuitable for the gallery
	a finished work is pertinent to a gallery
	progress is not important to a studio
	congress is essential to the gallery 
	Executives aren't needed in Our Museum.

Participants: I big b l, Eardrumbuz, RudeJabsco, I angst l, Stocker4, Dou2me


	When I was ill, tiny lights swirled above my bed
	Unwell, grand darkness shifted under her ground. 
	in a state of grace, minor sunflairs lurched over his sky
	 with low expectations, huge icicles fell back from her land 
	high hopes gone, geysers rise forward to his ocean.

Participants: Eardrumbuz, I angst l, BlueBlouse, Stocker4, I big b l

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