Came Saw Conquered

Where: things started looking opposite


	The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion
	Your green patina footstool of Measured indifference
	Their red stainless ladder of incalculable concern. 
	Its green smudged slide of planned disinterest
	his clear red monkey bars were disorganized engagements 
	her muffled calm work station will be routinely disassembled.

Participants: Dou2me, BlueBlouse, Stocker4, I big b l, I angst l, Eardrumbuz


	The moon is as large as a blue cheese pizza pie
	A sun isn't as small as an orange slice.
	All dead stars are larger than orchards.
	None of the molecules of radium are more microscopic than the Gobi Desert
	All static is more grand than the great lakes.

Participants: Stocker4, I big b l, Eardrumbuz, BlueBlouse, I angst l

	Do you understand I'm handing it to you?
	I couldn't believe you stole everything from me!
	You trust me with all of your heart? 
	We highly doubt them, save a little bit of my liver.

Participants: I big b l, Eardrumbuz, I angst l, Stocker4

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