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A version of this group automatic writing was published by Plan B Press, 2001 (see link after poem)

Momo: Dada

Here is the unedited text created by the group on 8/15/98

solid temper abracadabra miasma

	foamin' right red rabbits
	two fists
	flaming aura pumps
	mental man
	flee the quarry with liquid assets
	midwest witches on metal broomsticks
	riding waves of misfortune
	else we forget those beaten dollies
  	(awake rabbit prince)
	ghost christ salvation armed
  	(cry wolf, my dear)
	berlin buring with teenage riots
	angered by her charming way
	realizing nothing held the tide
	ignore all 7s
	exploding tundra dry fields crack
	and she never was a princess
	tides turn time to tyme
	music tickles vampire bones
	rock congo
	cock rongo
	drum ringo
	play bingo
	hoodoo Voodoo
	who wears the pants now?


S0nikTo0th, Eardrumbuz, Zen3ten, BShday

Two sites by Steven Allen May, who assembled several online works in his book "Spontaneous Chili"

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