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Created 9/3/98, with Blueblouse at the helm

DADA: dadadadadada
Under The Glass: Another work created using the same process, also on 9/3/98

Another group automatic writing, titled and ended by one participant, the verse being done by the other five.

   Sunday tablets at the execution

	one place was sat for the guest
	wait wait girl
	not so wonderful flowers
	ignore me at your risk
	do what you [are] told
	three sat down until the rain came
	heads in a row bow low for their tabla rasas
	glistening blade
	Why have we come?
	if daddy says yes then by all means
	there is a mite beneath the mattress
	a plot gone awry
	yes you can have more  corn before you die
	grip the blade that cuts not a fowl but foils 	many
	free the soul now
	shifting through the drawer
	death is never a riot!



BlueBlouse: embracing
Stocker4: seeing
HyperBoxxx: tasting
Dou2me: daring
I angst l: cleaning
Eardrumbuz: delivering