Created 9/3/98

Egdurt Adad: Dada Trudge

Group automatic writing, titled and ended by one participant, written by the others

     ----Under the glass---

	That's the camera obscura...
	white walls
	  rubber walls
	a handle on tomorrow's heated sand
	tall walls
	slides pressing tension
	lightning strikes
	we used to go in that room
	lucky strikes
	treeless head
	it is useless now
	lilies of the fire
	throws rocks at airplanes
	the slip on the slide spreads you so thin
	the setting sun...
	   "stare and see" said the raven

	Bring them now
	liquid stains for only an hour
	and now for our feature presentation
	tension of fire and the now
	smooth crystal smooth cuts smooth sharpens.
	      a ring
	   a mark
	and then i saw a being
	don't look now


Dou2me: light
RudeJabsco: construction
I angst l: reference
BlueBlouse: pressure treatment
Eardrumbuz: door

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