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Where to start? Some of you are probably already familiar with the distinctive letterpress graphics, you may be a huge fan of the art and music created at Independent Project Records and Press, or you may be visiting Trudge for another reason and are now thinking to yourself "Where did all these cool pictures come from, and what the hell is IPR?"

There's plenty of time for a formal introduction to the work of Bruce Licher and the recording artists at IPR, but his isn't going to be it. What the following passage has to offer is my own personal introduction to the folks at (or associated with) Independent Project Records, a sort of history beginning in 1984 in which I immediately fell in love with the art and music and soon after developed an ongoing relationship with Bruce.

Fall 1984- New York City. I'm in a record store on St. Marks Place, trying to decide on a purchase. Kollaps or Strategies Against Architecture? "You like Einsturzende Neubauten, my band just played a concert with them in the Mojave desert," this guy said enthusiastically. He introduced himself, Ethan Port. A lengthy conversation ensued. He had recently become a member of Savage Republic, a band I had not yet heard, but with whom I would soon become spiritually connected.

Late Winter 1985- Received a letter from Ethan which contained an announcement of a spring tour for Savage Republic. They were scheduled to play Danceteria in a few weeks. I wanted to go, but I was also busy with school projects and wasn't sure what I'd be doing the weekend of their NY appearance.

Early Spring 1985- Long Island. I'm at my mother's house for the weekend. I had borrowed some video equipment from school, and planned to do some recording with a friend at a nearby junkyard. Coincidentally, I get a call from Steve Montgomery (who I had worked with once before) asking if I could videotape another band who's tour he was managing. "The show is at Danceteria tonight," he tells me. Ding ding ding ding ding!!! I couldn't believe how the pieces just fell right into place! I packed up the car and was off to the city.

I arrived at the club in time for soundcheck. Steve and Ethan introduced me to the rest of the band... A few hours later I was transported to "another place" by the hypnotic, trance inducing sounds that would appear on Savage Republic's next two releases, Ceremonial and Trudge.

to be continued...

Now where was I?

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