The Original List of Picture Links

A Savage Republic concert poster: On the wall at IPP (Independent Project Press)
The Monotone (under blue light): The 12 string guitar (all 12 the same) that helped define the Savage Republic/Scenic sound
Scenic: LIVE at The Knitting Factory in NYC
SCENIC VIEWS: photographs by bruce licher
Savage Republic Postcard: Two sided, announcing the European tour of September 1987
Savage Republic bookmark: A helpful tool for finding one's place after a pause from reading
2 images from The Beautiful Noise: a festival of ethereal and difficult pop music
Jamahiriya Trek 1988: Booklet of twelve 25 cent stamps
For Against: Images of printwork done for the Lincoln, NE band
Booklet of 50 Cent Stamps: One of three Savage Republic stamp booklets
Savage Republic-1988 : Three concert advertisements
Savage Republic-1986: Two concert advertisements
Execution Of The State By Fire And Ritual: Card advertising the 1987 performance
Scenic: sage cd package (240.5K)
Springhouse: Card advertising the release of the Land Falls album
Scenic/Lanterna double 7" package: Cover art from this release, which features 2 live songs from each band.
Indian Bingo: Big Rock 7" package
The Archive Series: Artwork from the (mostly) 10" records
The Stereolab Gallery: Get switched on to the cool art being created for the groop at IPR
The NEW Archive Series Gallery: COMING SOON!
Business cards: COMING SOON!

The ALL NEW Trudge Galleries*__________*under construction

The Archive Series: Pictures from the series of 10" releases, 7 in all.
Savage Republic: Record covers, postcards, stamps, and more!
Scenic: Record covers, concert photos, and more!

Links to other IPR websites, etc...

The Official IPR Homepage: is coming soon! Currently, an online business card.
Trav's IPR pages: Home of the Tempe Times Discussion list and IPR Encyclopedia!
Scenic: Brian's pages include news, photos, discog, and more
Procession: Dirk's mailing list for all things related to the Republic
Mobilization: Ethan Port serves up an entree of noise soup, and a side salad of Savage Republic.