Welcome to the Savage Republic Art Gallery

Click on the links below to see album cover art, postcards, stamps, and other letterpress graphics
printed by Bruce Licher, founding member of Savage Republic and proprietor of
Independent Project Records & Press.

Record, Tape, and CD Art

Tragic Figure: The first Savage Republic 7"
Film Noir (305k): The second Savage Republic 7"
Viva La Rock 'n' Roll: One sided 7" featuring the SR logo etched into the flipside!

Postcards, Stamps, and other printed ephemera

Savage Republic Bookmark: so you won't lose your place
Postcard: announcing the final concert
Postcards: from three 1988 shows
Postcard: Execution of the State by Fire and Ritual
Two-sided Postcard: from the 1987 European Trek
Postcards: from two 1986 shows

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